Trol Systems Incorporated

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"Industrial automation made simple"

Since 1985, Trol Systems has manufactured unique products with "ease of use" as the foundation of development. These products simplify industrial automation, which in turn, allows companies to be more productive. As an American manufacturer, we take pride in offering unsurpassed customer support services.

WB01626_.gif (1041 bytes) T6 - Programmable Control System

WB01626_.gif (1041 bytes)  System 4 & ELC 5 - controllers

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Trol Systems Incorporated

Box 664

Richland, PA 17087


Sales: 1-800-939-TROL  ( 8am - 4pm EST )

Customer Support: 717-939-7593

Fax: 717-949-8350


The T6 is the easiest plc to program ever made! It's ideal for timing sequences, cylinder sequencing, building automated testers, machine fault detection, automated conveyor systems, etc. The T6 is a low cost plc that does not require training to program. The T6 is similar (but lower cost and easier to use) to sequencers made by SMC and Clippard pneumatics. The T6 is an ultra simple to program plc that can be programmed right out of the box in minuets!