Trol Systems Incorporated

"Industrial automation made simple"

At Trol Systems, custom development is much less expensive than you'd ever imagine. That's because we don't have to subcontract engineering services- saving time and money. Look what we have to offer:

Electronic Design: With over 20 years of industrial electronic design experience, Trol Systems does the design right- the first time. Our engineers listen carefully to your concerns and will design the product to fit your specific application. They work with you to apply for patents and layout PC boards in-house to meet UL requirements. Once the design is finished, we also have the facilities to prototype and manufacture your product.

Graphic Design: Trol Systems is an authorized wholesale distributer of graphic overlays and product labels- so we can offer you savings of up to 50% over retail. We can develop and produce a graphic overlay that will survive even the roughest industrial environments. Or we can output your artwork and send you a file in any picture format, should you opt to use your own source.

Software Design: Here's an area that usually means BIG BUCKS, but not at Trol Systems. We built our own extensive software library that allows us to use "plug-in" programs. This means we can use preexisting programs, instead of writing the entire program from scratch. This approach reduces software development cost to a bare minimum, while increasing the overall reliability. Our programs are written completely in assembly language- offering the most efficient use of memory and the fastest execution speed. We have full development systems for Intel, Zilog and MicroChip processors. Click here if you'd like to see a partial list our exclusive library.

Hardware Design: We can specify an "off the shelf" enclosure for your product. We can also design a custom enclosure as well. Our prints are developed using AutoCad, which are accepted universally by metal and plastic fabricators. We can even prototype enclosures using our in-house machine shop.

Literature Design: Custom designed controls often require manuals that instruct the end user how to install, operate and trouble shoot the product. Since we'd already know your control thoroughly, we could write your manual efficiently. Once finished, we can supply you with the publication in Page Maker, Quark, Word, or Adobe PDF format.

So call our engineers to discuss your application today... you'll be surprised at how easy and inexpensive our custom services are. You can even talk with customers that used us to develop their products!

Phone M-F 9am-4pm EST:     1-800-939-TROL