Accessories for the T6


Pre-cut aluminum DIN rail sections allow easy mounting of the T6 system. Use end blocks to prevent units from "walking" due to vibration, especially when rails are mounted vertically.

Part #

DIN-4     4" long section

DIN-6     6" long section

DIN-8     8" long section

DIN-12   12" long section

DIN-EB  pair of end blocks

Power Distribution Block

Used to tie the cold side of loads to the neutral line. The block has 8 terminals and will accommodate a 22 to 14 gauge wire. It can snap onto a DIN rail, using only 1 inch of rail space. The shorting clip (included) electrically ties all 8 terminals together.

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Programmer Power Pack

Used to power the pocket programmer at a remote location, away from the T6 MCU. This allows you to program in a quite office. Unit plugs into a 115vac wall socket and has a 3 foot cord.

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Converter Block

A converter block is used to allow the T6 inputs (sinking configuration), to interface with devices that send out 115vac power. Units are 1" square plastic housing with two mounting flanges.

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Load Suppressors

Load suppressors are used to extend the life of the output contacts and reduce the amount of radiated electrical noise (EMI) caused by inductive loads. Easy two wire connection across load. 1" square plastic housing with two mounting flanges.

Part #

30160 120VAC (max)

30169 100VDC (max inverse), R/C w/diode

PC_screen.gif (10908 bytes) USB-Serial Adapter

If your computer does not have a serial Com port, this is used to convert a USB port to an RS-232 serial port. 
Will work with CIM-03 and also the MCU-04.

Part #

30232  Cable, Software and User guide.


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