Computer Interface Module
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Part No.  CIM-03

Used to interface a personal computer with the T6 control system. It allows you to send, receive and trace the execution of the program from either, the T6 MCU or pocket programmer. Use your PC to write, edit, store and print out T6 programs.

You can also use it to send and receive data from a Remote Timer Panel (RTP) or a Remote Counter Panel (RTC).

CIM-03 includes a T6  interface module, cables and software on CD. Future software upgrades will be available for download from the literature page of this site, free of charge.

System Requirements

IBM PC or compatible with Windows 95 (or higher) operating system. CD rom drive (tray type). One unused 9 pin serial port (RS-232). 3Mb (minimum) of free hard disk space.

Power Requirements

5vdc supplied from the data port of the T6 MCU or  with the optional wall socket power pack (pn: 30101)


Size (LWD)    =   2.25" (57mm) x 1.6" (41mm) x 0.9" (23 mm), Note: module only

Origin   =   Designed and assembled in the USA.


RS-232   =    9600baud, 8 data bit, 1 stop bit, no parity

IIc   =     100khz, 4 word, 1 checksum error detect, +5v power line

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